Paardevlei Sentrum

Paardevlei Sentrum

Paardevlei Sentrum
8421 m²


Checkers Fresh X
Completion Date
23 May 2024

In the heart of Paardevlei, where the echoes of history blend with the hum of modern life, a new development is taking shape – Paardevlei Sentrum. Nestled amidst the burgeoning residential expansion in the area, this project promises to be a beacon of convenience and community for residents old and new.

Once home to the vital production of explosives and ammunition by AECI, Paardevlei carries with it a rich historical legacy. Now, as the landscape transforms, the developers behind Paardevlei Sentrum are embracing this heritage while charting a new course for the future.

Anchored by Checkers Fresh-X, a flagship grocery store that epitomizes freshness and quality, Paardevlei Sentrum sets the stage for a diverse array of offerings. From Checkers Outdoor, Medirite to cater to health needs, to boutique stores like Little Me and Pet Shop Science, every niche of the community finds its place.

But it’s not just about commerce; it’s about connection. Three heritage buildings, standing as silent witnesses to the area’s past, have been carefully integrated into the development. One now houses Checkers Fresh-X’s specialty cheese & wine section, a nod to the area’s refined tastes and appreciation for the finer things. Another, once a storage facility for explosives, finds new life as Checkers Outdoor, bridging the gap between history and modernity.

As the development unfolds, Paardevlei Sentrum becomes more than just a shopping destination; it becomes a hub of activity, a meeting place, and a testament to the resilience of communities. With tenants like Bootlegger, Col’cacchio, Waxit, IV Bar, and JJ Cale Tobacconist joining the mix, there’s something for everyone within these walls.

Paardevlei Sentrum isn’t just about bricks and mortar; it’s a story of transformation, of honouring the past while embracing the future. It’s a story of how a once industrial landscape evolves into a vibrant community centre, where the echoes of history reverberate alongside the laughter of families and the hustle of everyday life.

Welcome to Paardevlei Sentrum – where history meets modernity, and community thrives