In 1989, a small retail company with big dreams brought its vision to life – that of building a property-owning entity to source sites for the retail sector, and creating a diverse portfolio catering to the industrial and office sectors as well. The company was Foodprop, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Foodworld Group, known at the time as the largest independent retail chain in the Western Cape, and the proprietor of 17 supermarkets and 4 wholesale outlets.

Though starting from humble beginnings, Foodprop wasted no time in establishing a name for itself, acquiring a small tenanted retail property in Cape Town’s Bishop Lavis suburb – a site that it still owns today.


Over the years, the story of FPG Property Fund has been shaped and written by a constant series of developments and acquisitions. FPG knows that by spotting early disruption we can drive, transform, enable, adapt, change and capitalise on opportunities to build a portfolio at the forefront of a fast-changing world.